My name is Sergei and I am

To dream does not mean being volatile
To generate, is more than words
To develop, is not only a knowledge! 

Your idea deserves the best! We are worthy of your idea!

A bit "about us" ...
A lot about "why us ..."

Is been a while since I heard for the first time the story about an advertising campaign of one company and I was very surprised about the results. Not by how it went, but what it generated from its biggest competitor.
The short headline "We’re number 2, we try harder", could as well been answered with a short remark as "Trying does not mean “to be”. “To Be"- you must love "
in my own opinion. 

Everything starts with an idea!

It is said that everything possible was already invented... Is it?

Have you ever thought about how many business ideas, good ideas have not been implemented because of lack of, both, theoretical and financial supports?!

About Us



We are different only for the reason that we dream of great things, about which many are afraid to even think!



Everything that has to happen- it will happen on its own! Why not be the ones to create it? 



It is not easy to go yourself in unexplored directions, but with the help of those who dream, we can do it!


For what?

The essence of a business is not to earn as much as possible, but to offer quality services to as many clients as possible!



They say that "being the first is more important than being the best". Is it really impossible to be both? Yes. We are!

Do you want to have your own business?

Are you young and ambitious?
Do you want to do something?
HERE, at home in Moldova?

We provide the solution!

Do you want to grow?

Business development today can be compared with a heroic deed. The time has passed when only producing something was enough. The buyer himself came to your door to order the goods or ask for services. Your marketing may be insufficient to deal with big giants, as you will be focused on the product or service provided. Growing up is your choice, we will manage your marketing campaign!

Do you want to produce something?

Do you have an idea of a product or service for our country? A new product or something absolutely special, like the tart that your grandmother used to cook after a recipe known today only by you? To start a business is very difficult and if you did, how to make sure your idea is not plagiarized and the effort put into launching and marketing will not be a hard-pressed effort? Only knowing all the steps necessary to start a business, you will succeed! 

Do you want to promote?

Proper promotion does not mean only investment in advertising and the media. Proper promotion begins from within. What makes us go over and over again to the same place (café or shop) even if at the corner of the street there is one already? Only high-quality products and services will help you to promote and gain customer trust and loyalty! This is your mission! We will take care of the financial resources.

The future is in your hands! Your country is your future!!!

Contact us!

How can you help us?

When you started a business or when you decided to leave the country to earn the money necessary to realize your dream, what were you thinking about? Maybe if someone helped you, maybe if you tried to start? Perhaps, if this platform already existed, would your dream come true?
If you want an original idea or even your own to be realized, help, contribute!

Projects in progress




Hotel for pets


Leather accessories



How is the present changing to create the future!


Running a "crowdfunding" campaign to raise funds on multiple platforms that supports innovative ideas.


To gain trust of a man you do not know and doesn’t know you is most difficult, but only in such circumstances you can show strength and safety in what you want to do!


Analysis of the results obtained during the first stage of the campaign, that evaluates errors and strengths!


Recognizing your own mistakes is the greatest proof of strength and only understanding those you can create something, if not perfect, then almost perfect.


Launch of the first project within the development framework of new projects! The new "entrepreneurs"!


The realization of this stage depends not only on our team but also on the help of each of us, those who dream, those who want to do something beautiful, here at home, here in MOLDOVA

How would this happen?

What makes us different from others? What makes us do what others do not? What is courage? Only you can answer this! (click to open)

How many times have I heard this, and even I myself said it? You make a clear idea presentation, but very brief! Written form, or video… 

The bank did not accept on supporting me since I have no pledge ( Have you heard these words as well?
You don’t need it!
The analysis of the idea is made with the necessary corrections taking into consideration the market. A business plan is drawn up, which takes a certain form to maintain its core. The legal entity is than registered (if is not yet done)  

Following the business plan, the necessary vouchers for sale and their value are estimated.
Posting the project on the platform and promote it to collect the necessary amount through vouchers. 

After collecting the required amount, the money are provided to the applicant on the basis of the approved business plan for initial needs.

After the project is launched, the holders of the vouchers will exchange them for a product or service for the value of the voucher + bonus!

It is not easy to launch a business, but it is much more difficult to keep it moving, to evolve! Only together, only with mutual support, we will succeed! Support to start changing the present for a beautiful future! 

Here can be your project

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4ECO gardenMaria@maria123456789
5Leather accessoriesEugen@eugen123456789
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It's easier when you have 


How easy would it be if at the right time someone would support you with an advice? How easy would it be if at the launch time you were already known on the market and you would already have a minimum number of customers, thanks to whom you could go ahead?
It's easier when you make the right choice, and your business partner is just as passionate as you are to develop your business! 

One opinion can change a lot!
Only with the contribution of everyone we will succeed!

Cultuclu Serghei


When dreams come true, you understand that living is much more beautiful than dreaming!


You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via email.

  • Chișinău, Moldova
  • +37368513713

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